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Easy Online Enrollment for Calvary Kids!

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Convenient Calvary Kids Check-In System!

Make your child's check-in as quick and simple as possible. Use the link below to enroll your child online. When you enroll, you will receive your mobile pass for easy check-in. If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Rowlan at 417-732-1405.


Give Your Child the Gift of Awana Clubs

What is AWANA?

It is a school-year-long program for kindergarten through sixth grade that helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children. Awana Clubbers meet at 6 pm at Calvary every Wednesday evening during the school year.

What does AWANA mean?

The word AWANA stands for:  Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed which is taken from the Bible verse 2 Timothy 2:15.

What happens during AWANA?

Our night is divided into three segments;

Large Group Time - Clubbers gather together for a practical Bible message, games and object lessons. 

Small Group Time - Clubbers are divided into small groups to work in their handbooks, reciting the scriptures they have learned at home. Leaders check for accuracy and understanding.

Game Time - Here Clubbers can unleash their energy. They learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and just how to have fun. Game time allows all kids to be involved no matter what their level of athletic ability.


How can we pray for you?

Prayer is a vital part of the believer’s journey. The staff at Calvary meets every morning to pray before we start our work day. This is a time when we pray for YOU.  If you have a specific need for prayer, please let us know here. Your request can remain anonymous, just for staff, or can be publicized. Whatever your comfort level is, please let us lift your need up to the Lord.



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Calvary is a church family linked together by a common belief about Jesus and His church. If you’re wanting to be a part of that family, you can begin that process in one of the following three ways:

  1. Baptism - For persons who have been saved by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and desire to obey Christ by being baptized by immersion.

  2. Letter from another Baptist church - and are members in good standing of another Baptist church which will transfer them by letter to Calvary Baptist Church.

  3. Statement of Faith - For persons who are saved and have been baptized by immersion after salvation, but are not a member of another Baptist church.

Many people choose to meet with a pastor to ask questions, but some simply choose to walk the aisle at the end of a worship service to declare their desire to be members. There is no wrong way to start the process of membership!

Once you’ve initiated that request with the church, you’ll be enrolled in Discovering Calvary. Discovering Calvary is a class designed for those who are ready or who are exploring new membership. It meets quarterly after the 10:30am service and is done over lunch. After you’ve completed the Discovering Calvary class—and we’ve received your letter of transfer, statement of faith, or completion of baptism—the final step is to present your name to the church in one of our quarterly business meetings. At that time the church will vote to affirm you as a member and you’ll be officially welcomed into the family!


Start the conversation about membership today:

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Discipleship Pathway


the calvary discipleship pathway

Calvary is dedicated to making disciples. We want to encourage you to GATHER in worship, GROW in knowledge and community, and to GO serve somewhere inside and outside the church.



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go outreach ministry

Disciples don’t simply come to church on Sunday or know facts about the Bible. Disciples are consistently on the go to make Jesus known. Whether you enjoy visiting people in their homes, writing cards of encouragement, or praying for those who do, the Go Ministry is a vital way of reaching out to the community around us!



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