Friday, September 7, 2018


Session #1

5:30pm          Doors Open

6pm               Conference Begins

6:05pm          Scripture Reading & Prayer          Travis Edwards, Pastor Orchard Crest Baptist, Springfield, MO

6:10pm           Worship in Music                         Noah Lyons, Worship, Calvary Baptist, Republic, MO

6:20pm           Preaching                                   Adam Mallette, Pastor Calvary Baptist, Republic, MO

7pm                Special Music

7:05                Preaching                                    Doug Shivers, Pastor, Boulevard Baptist, Springfield, MO

7:40                Intermission


Session #2

8pm                 Session 2 Begins

8:05pm            Scripture Reading & Prayer        Mike Haynes, Director of Missions, Greene County Baptist Association

8:10pm             Worship in Music                        Noah Lyons

8:20pm             Preaching                                   Mark Milioni, President, Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO

9pm                  Special Music                                                                                        

9:05pm             Preaching                                   Dr. Mac Brunson, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Jacksonville, FL

9:45pm            Conclusion of Day 1


Saturday, September 8, 2018


Session #3

7:30am               Doors Open

8:00am               Day 2 Begins

8:05am               Scripture Reading & Prayer         Josh Matthews, Pastor, Meadowview Baptist, Republic, MO

8:10am                Worship in Music                        Noah Lyons

8:20am                Preaching                                  Randy Johnson, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Iola, KS

9:00am                Special Music

9:05am                Preaching                                   Dr. John Yeats, Executive Director, Missouri Baptist Convention

9:40am                Intermission


Session #4

10:00am               Session 4 Begins

10:05am               Scripture Reading & Prayer         Lee Miller,  Pastor, First Baptist Church, Republic MO

10:10am                Worship in Music                        Noah Lyons

10:20am                Preaching                                  Dr. John Marshall, Senior Pastor Retired, Second Baptist, Springfield, MO

11:00am                Special Music                                                                                        

11:05am                Preaching                                   Dr. Steven Smith, Senior Pastor, Immanuel Baptist, Little Rock, AR

11:45am                Conclusion of Conference