Give Your Child the Gift of Awana Clubs

What is AWANA?

It is a school-year-long program for kindergarten through sixth grade that helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children. Awana Clubbers meet at 6 pm at Calvary every Wednesday evening during the school year.

What does AWANA mean?

The word AWANA stands for:  Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed which is taken from the Bible verse 2 Timothy 2:15.

What happens during AWANA?

Our night is divided into three segments;

Large Group Time - Clubbers gather together for a practical Bible message, games and object lessons. 

Small Group Time - Clubbers are divided into small groups to work in their handbooks, reciting the scriptures they have learned at home. Leaders check for accuracy and understanding.

Game Time - Here Clubbers can unleash their energy. They learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and just how to have fun. Game time allows all kids to be involved no matter what their level of athletic ability.